Welcome to Connie Moon! 
Here you will find the latest trends in sterling silver and costume jewelry. Based in the beautiful, fashion forward city of Miami, we have over 15 years of experience in the jewelry business. Whether you are looking for some arm candy for a day at the beach or something simply elegant for everyday wear, you will find here!
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our jewelry:

  • What does sterling silver mean exactly? 
    • For jewelry to be noted as sterling silver, it must be made of 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% is other metals,    whichhelps the piece hold its shape, as fine silver (99.9%) can be too soft. Sterling silver is a highly desirable precious metal for jewelry because it gives you the look of white gold or platinum without the hefty price tag! All of our sterling silver jewelry is marked with the .925 stamp. 
  • What is Cubic Zirconia?
    • Cubic Zirconia, or CZ for short, is a high quality alternative to diamond. Like a diamond, it is extremely hard. CZ is a dense synthetic crystal that offers a flawless shine that can often only be differentiated from a diamond by experts. Cubic Zirconia can come in different grades of quality, and we only use the best A quality CZs our Jewelry.
  • What does Gold and Rose Gold Vermeil mean?
    • Vermeil is a term used to note the combination of sterling silver and another precious metal such as gold or rose gold. Our vermeil jewelry is sterling silver based and coated with a layer of 14 carat gold or rose gold. This give you the luxurious look of gold or rose gold without the price of solid gold!
  • What does Gold Filled or Rose Gold Filled mean?
    • The wording of this jewelry term is often confusing to the uninitiated. While it seems to mean the piece is filled with gold or rose gold, it actually means there is a layer of solid gold or rose gold around a base metal such as brass. Brass if a commonly used base metal in jewelry because of its superb electroplating quality. This allows for a strong bond between the gold or rose gold and the base metal which gives it shape.
  • I have a Nickel allergy, can I use your jewelry?
    • All of our jewelry is Nickel and Lead free. We want our products to be enjoyed whenever its worn and the safety and comfort of our customers is a top priority.
  • What is Rhodium and why is it used?
    • Rhodium is a highly precious and rare metal costing far more than gold. Part of the Platinum family, Rhodium has been used in fine jewelry for many years because it is extremely resistant to tarnish. For this reason, it has been used as plating on mechanisms of fine Swiss timepieces to ensure their longevity. Our Rhodium finished jewelry will give you the highly polished shine of Platinum.
  • I've been on other jewelry sites that name their jewelry like "Angela's Ring" or "Stacey's Bracelet', Why aren't your Jewelry named like this?
    • Because its confusing! We believe products should be named in a way that properly describes their look. We are strait forward people and want our customers to know exactly what they are getting.